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Thought I'd prove that I can actually draw, so here's a few of the illustrations I made for a hypothetical game called "GAINAX VS CAPCOM", pitting characters from the anime studio Gainax against characters from the Capcom game-studio. I started doing these a while ago to practise illustrating combat poses and other character interactions. I don't own any of these characters, they are owned by Gainax and Capcom respectively.

Here's a few "Keezees"-styled charicatures.

Aaaaaand here's a couple more random sketches I did.

"Keezees" Live at "Draw or Die" contest!

On the 29th of September, 2007, having wandered around Glasgow on a pleasant afternoon with my good friend Claire, my attention was drawn to an ad in a window of a games shop, proclaiming that a "Draw or Die" contest (of which I had never heard of) was about to take place in an hour's time, in a gallery called "Lowsalt" just down from the Glasgow School of Art. Curious, Claire and I headed along.

We were met by the sight of a converted (if that's the right word) garage, wherein cans of Tennents Lager were being sold for a pound, and a Pictionary-esque competition was about to take place. I proceeded to get drunk, and entered my name into the hat; the name being "Big Kev".

I decided to draw all my attempts in the style of "Keezees". :D

What followed was a mish-mash of against-the-clock-doodling on over-head projectors, drinking, egging on, booing, more drinking, me clapping for my opponents (the winner was judged on audince reaction, so I was repeatedly told not to clap for my opponent), star-spotting (Duncan Robertson from "Dananananaykroyd" was in attendance), a bit more drinking and of course there was the ever-present sight of me coming second in a competition, having made it through 3 heats to the Final.

The themes given to me to illustrate included (the mind goes a bit fuzzy here);

"Jeans, Shirts and Social Shirks", for which I illustrated a wee guy trying to get into the "Sub Club" (Yup, I was pandering to my audience), but getting knocked back by a bouncer.

"Seagulls over Dover", for which I illustrated "Keezees" very own Nick Grymtrove being attacked by seagulls near the famous white cliffs (one seagull, "Magoo", beckoned to his comrades, "Get 'im, lads!").

"A Fireman rescuing a cat", which was illustrated by a 2 point perspective of a tower on fire, with a cat, swiping at it's would-be rescuer.

And finally, "Gold-digger"...on which I froze. I couldn't think of anything. I tried to think of Anna-Nicole Smith, but I couldn't remember her name; which is fortunate, seeing as she had just (unknownst to be) died, and it probably wouldn't have gone down so well. So I drew Kid Rock marrying Pamela Anderson. I lost. I was beaten by a Japanese guy called, I shit you not, Hiro.

I'd also like to point out that there was a raffle for some t-shirts. I had a ticket, but realised that if I did win the raffle, held mid-way through the contest, then people would be less likely to vote for me in the drawing contest. So I gave my raffle ticket to Claire, in case I did win...and lo and behold, I did. Well...Claire did. With my ticket. And I won nothing.

The night was finished in the Cathouse; apart from not winning anything, it was a good day.

A month or two later, I discovered photos on the internet of the event...Claire is visible in most of the audience shots (have fun trying to spot her!), and I am in a few contestant well as "Keezees" first public appearance! (Discounting the interweb, of course).

Click on the squares below for photgraphic evidence of said event. :)

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